The name of the society shall be "ST. XAVIER'S COLLEGE (CALCUTTA) ALUMNI ASSOCIATION" hereinafter referred to as "THE ASSOCIATION".
The Registered office of The Association shall be situated at St.Xavier's College, 30, Park Street, Calcutta-700 016 in the State of West Bengal.
Objectives :- The principal objective of The Association shall be to organise various activities to ameliorate the sufferings of the poor, needy or ailing, whether in the form of provision of scholarships, stipends, Library/Reading Room facilities, study and research centres for the meritorious and needy students or in the form of medical, nursing, diagnostic or other care for the ailing or any other form of community organisation and development projects for the upliftment of the weaker sections of society and for improvement of the environment and the general quality of life, for the advancement of education and culture and any other activity beneficial to the community at large. The Association shall in addition have the following objectives:
  1. To maintain liaison between the ST.XAVIER'S COLLEGE, CALCUTTA (Administration, Faculty Members and present Students), hereinafter referred to as "The College", and the Alumni, who are in different professions in life, for mutual benefit.

  2. To provide financial, advisory or other suitable support to The College for augmentation and development of Academic, Vocational and Training facilities and also to participate financially or otherwise in College Development Programmes.

  3. To organise and participate in Seminars, Discussions, Doscourses, Debates, Conferences, etc., both inside and outside The College, alongwith the faculty members and/or students of The College for the purpose of mutual exposure to modern teaching methods, techniques and keeping upto date with modern thinking and developments in the various fields of human endeavour in the fields of Science and Technology, Humanities and Fine Arts, Commerce and Business Administration.

  4. To create special Funds and/or Trusts or Advisory or other bodies for meeting the various needs of the existing student body of The College in activities which are compatible with the objectives of The Association and which have the support of The Association.

  5. To create and provide opportunities for social interaction between the members and associates alongwith their families at regular intervals and to promote special interest groups amongst them in any professional, social, cultural, educational, atheletic or sports and other fields in which they are interested.

  6. To actively support, financially or otherwise, and augment the special interest groups in organising any programmes, shows, meetings, exhibitions, projects or other activities for propagation of such special interest amongst the members and associates as also the general public.

  7. To promote special groups of the Alumni of various batches and also to promote the formation of local centres outside Calcutta which will have identical objectives and would be affiliated to the parent Association at Calcutta.

  8. To provide succour by whatsoever means considered fit and possible, to the ailing or the victims of any natural or man-made calamities.

  9. To help, contribute, promote, run or take over, and amalgamate wholly or in part with any other Society, Association, Trust, Fund, Endowment, Body or Institution, whether registered, incorporated or not, having public, charitable or educational or other objects similar to those of The Association and in which The Association is interested

  10. To print, purchase, publish and distribute books, bulletins, magazines, periodicals, souveniers, booklets, prospectus, circulars, bills and posters or cause such to be done on behalf of The Association.

  11. To do all other acts, deeds and things as are incidental, necessary or conducive to the attainment of the objects of The Association.