GC Members
Governing Council Members (2013 -2015)

Rev. Fr. Felix Raj S.J. ( President ) These are tumultuous timed for the 150 plus year old institution. It is moving vertically towards becoming the first Jesuit University of India and horizontally to newer campuses to accommodate more students, to help enlist more soldiers in the army without arms. While his benign blessings are for all the stakeholders, the way he has steered the alumni movement towards achieving greater lories for the alma mater is not only peerless but also a loadstar for others in search of destinations. Today, thanks to his to his vision, SXCCAA has active presence in 5 different countries with 3 more waiting to be unveiled by him by the end of the year.

Email id:felixrajsj@gmail.com
G.P.Gupta (Vice President) Custodian of the alumni's treasure trove, invaluable photographs since times of yore, he has painstakingly collected, classified, digitized and archived them for posterity. He is also the "protocol officer" - the first to receive dignitaries visiting the college and is almost always the last resort in the airport when travel plans go haywire. What many of us do not know is the fact that he is also the "trophy man" of the alumni - the memento's that are so coveted by Xaverians are all made by him - always ready in time to mark occasions and commensurate with the event.

Sneasish Sur ( Vice President ) He may draw his salary cheque from the Prasahar Bharati Corportion, but channels all his energies, serving the SXCCAA. The pomp and the grandeur to which Beyond Boundaries III was taken to, was largely due to the backbreaking work done by the convener, none other than yours truly. Always available and forever the perfectionist, he is in the truest sense of the terms, the alumni stalwart.

Email id:surs@vsnl.com
P.K.Mathur ( Vice President) He represents us in the World Union of Jesuit Alumni / alumnae (WUJA), the world body for the alumnus of Jesuit Institutions. Although extremely hard pressed for time, committed as he is to various social organizations, he spearheaded the celebrations when the Western Chapter of the SXCCAA celebrated its Annual get together in Mumbai as the convener.

Email id:rajpramo@yahoo.co.in
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