St. Xavier’s College (Calcutta) Alumni Association or SXCCAA is a body of ex-students of St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, now Kolkata - an institution which requires no further introduction. The association is registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act. We are perhaps the first alumni association in Kolkata to have been granted 80G Certification from the Income Tax Authorities, recognising our charitable and philanthropic activities.

SXCCAA was formed in the year 1985, the year when our Alma Mater celebrated its 125 years of dedicated service in the field of education to this City of Joy. The celebrations reverberated nostalgic memories in the minds and hearts of some alumnus and this small group put together their efforts to form this association.

Today, as we look back in retrospection of 23 years of our journey, we find having traversed a century and are into the 3rd millennium. The strength has risen to more than 2500+ life members from various walks of life making a formidable force reckoned by the society.

The association functioned very actively for about a decade and sometimes in 1992-1993, the activities came to a low level. But, this was for a very short period. It was the time the members took for an introspection and recharge themselves. In 1995, the B. Com department celebrated its Golden Jubilee and the love for the alma mater once again rekindled in the hearts of the alumni. 1995 is a watershed year in the history of the association. Fr. P. C. Mathew took over as the Principal of the Instiution from Fr. J. D’souza and thus became the President of the Association as per the provisions of the memorandum. Under the dynamic leadership of Fr. Mathew, the rekindled and rejuvenated enthusiasm of the alumni gave the impetus for undertaking another journey. The association undertakes multifarious activities. However, its main thrust lies in fellowship and philanthropy. It efforts are endeavoured in bringing within its fold as many as possible the alumnus of St. Xavier’s Calcutta in order to make these different members interact within themselves and blend a fine fabric of one homogeneous family. Lots of fellowship activities are undertaken. The Annual Tea Meet, Reunion Dinner, Family Picnic. Sporting activities, Friday Fellowship Meetings etc, are all efforts towards this direction. Periodic newsletter titled “We Xaverians” keeps the members informed of the various activities and planning’s of their association.

A very concentrated and focused attention always lies on philanthropic and charitable activities. The association provides, to its members, a platform for helping the needy, down trodden and the under privileged by coming together and pooling in their resources. Individually, one may not find it possible to undertake such social service, but collectively even a miniscule individuals contribution irrespective of the magnitude helps to undertake some activity for the benefit of the needy.